Want to sell your car? You can trade with us and get instant payment.

Not only can you purchase your car with us, but we also present you with the opportunity to sell without the usual hassles.

You can either decide to trade your car directly with us or allow us to connect you with a buy. Either way, the process is stress-free and leaves you in control of the entire sale and the terms of the agreement.


As we all know, there’s always going to be something better than the one we have and the need to get it. Hence the reason we are offering you the option to trade in your car with us. A trade-in is simply the process of part-exchanging your car for a new one.

When you part-exchange your car with us, we access the car, give you its market value and then you pick a car from our large inventory within that price range and drive home with it.

It’s as simple as that, you trade-in your car for a trade up.

Here’s Why You Should Trade With Us

We buy used cars, give you an immediate value for what your car is worth in the market and you get to book an inspection online without stressing about it. Coming to us means saving time by cutting out the excesses that come with having to advertise the car and interview potential buyers. Let’s help you make selling your car as effortless as possible.

Want to have an informal conversation?

Give us a call, we’ve got you covered. Everything you need from advice to instant valuation will be discussed.

Value your car

Type in your registration number, give us a detailed mileage of your car as well as its present condition to generate an instant online valuation and start the selling process.

How it works

All you’re required to do is follow these simple steps

  • STEP 1: Get a value for your car.

Simply fill out the online form and provide the necessary details which include your vehicle detail and your contact detail. An immediate valuation will be sent to you.

  • STEP 2: Book an inspection.

Fill out the inspection form and our staff will reach out to you to give you direction to the closest inspection centre where your car will be accessed. This assessment is done by car experts who check the status of your vehicle. Parts to be checked include car tyres, brake, engine, air conditioner, interior and other necessary parts.

  • STEP 3: Get paid.

Once the inspection is complete and a price is agreed upon, we process the paperwork and you get paid in little or no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid immediately?

Yes, as soon as every party is in agreement and the deal is sealed, you get paid by electronic transfer to the bank account that was provided.

How much is the transaction fee?

We do not charge you a transaction fee for selling your car to us.

Can I claim back my road tax?

If reimbursement is required, it will be sent to you when the ownership of the car is transferred.

Ready to sell your car? Get started.