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Malayalee Car Dealership

The biggest car dealership in Melbourne.

We are a respected brand that strives towards customer satisfaction and excellence with car deals are as good as they can get.

We Represent the World Most Eminent Car Producers

We represent the world most eminent car producers with a team that works effortlessly to deliver the absolute best customer service.  Our employees are zealous with vast knowledge about cars and are focused on satisfying customer needs by ensuring that every meeting is special. They are friendly and welcoming, always eager to answer your questions and assist throughout the process.

Our Services

We cover all your vehicle needs, ranging from Repairs, Finance, Insurance and Mortgage, to Vehicle Trading. We also offer a repair service you can trust in the case of vehicle breakdown.


Cars are important, they allow people to get to places on their own terms without having to worry about how it affects others.

Owning a car is the only way out of mobile dependency, it makes its owners self-reliant and gives them a certain level of independence. It gives people the level of freedom they crave to have over their movement as their going out and coming in is not dependent on the time the bus arrives or the time the train leaves.

Studies have shown that people spend at least 4.3 years of their lives in their cars. This is why you should invest in a car. In comparison to public transportations, private cars are safer and they are the best for your daily commute. Our car options are available for you to choose from.

Service & Repairs

It is very important that cars are maintained while they are used to avoid them breaking down. Regularly servicing your car leaves you with a smooth-running car that saves you the stress of repairing. We offer scheduled vehicle service based on manufacturer and vehicle mileage.


Our Auto insurance policies are put in place to give you the financial protection you need around your vehicles and help put you back on the road in no time.

Car Finance

Our varying vehicle financial solution makes it easy for you to choose the finance option that works for you and get you that dream car you want.

Sell Your car

Trade your car with us and get an instant value for what your car is worth in the market.


We are located in Melbourne, Australia