10 Facts Subramaniam Swamy should know about Malappuram.

സാമുദായിക വിഭജനം ലക്ഷ്യമിട്ട് കൊണ്ട് മലപ്പുറം ജില്ലയെക്കുറിച്ച് സുബ്രഹ്മണ്യം സ്വാമി എഴുതിയ ട്വീറ്റിനോടുള്ള ചെറിയ പ്രതികരണമെന്ന നിലക്ക്  ശ്രീ ബഷീർ വള്ളിക്കുന്ന് തയാറാക്കിയ പോസ്റ്റ്‌.

10 Facts Subramaniam Swamy should know about Malappuram

1) Malappuram District was formed in July 1969, since then no major communal violence has been reported from this piece of land.

2) Muslims constitute the majority of the population (68.53%), followed by the Hindu (29.17%) and Christian (2.22%) communities.

3) Malappuram District is one of the best places in India, which is famous for communal harmony and friendly co-existence of groups of various faiths.

4) Literacy rate in Malappuram is 93.55, which is 20% above the national average.

5) Malappuram District was formed by the first Communist Government in India under the great reformist leader E. M. S. Namboodiripad. He was born in Malappuram.

6) The father of Modern Malayalam Literature Thunchath Ezhuthachan was born in Tirur, the ‘cultural capital’ of Malappuram District.

7) Thirunavaya, the classical medieval center of Vedic learning and Mamankam festival, the historically famous Thirumandhamkunnu Temple in Angadippuram, Kottakkal – the place world wide known for ayurvedic treatment and herbal medicine, Kerala Kalamandalam – internationally acknowledged centre for learning Indian performing arts.. Malappuram District has plenty of such culturally renowned landmarks to mention.

8) Calicut University, Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan Malayalam University, Campus for AMU & EFLU are some of the major educational landmarks of Malappuram District.

9) A large sector of the youth from Malappuram District are employed in foreign countries and they contribute a prominent share to the economic growth of the state.

10) This is the place where you can see Temples, Masjids and Churches stands side by side and spread the message of harmony to the rest of the world.



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